[GOURMET] Mixture For Shakshuka

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Shakshuka mixture Mixture For Shakshuka An excellent blend of the Israeli Shashshuka.

Culinary Uses:

Vegetable seasoning with spice mixtures
Paprika and Bulgarian cheese
Flakes in tomato sauce and shashshuka mixture

Other uses:
Black pepper - Black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper tree. As they ripen, they become black and wrinkled. After drying in the sun they become a common table spice all over the world. Beyond cooking, it has the benefits of an appetite stimulant, stimulant, disinfectant and a storehouse. Effective for treating constipation.
Cumin - Cumin is very useful as a pain reliever and stomach gas, and therefore excellent lentils saturated with gas.
White pepper - Pepper black pepper, with a delicate and special flavor.
Sweet Moroccan paprika - whole red paprika grilled with coarse sunflower oil - with a strong color and a special taste.
Oregano - a plant from the lipid family. Effective against cough and treatment of fungi, supports digestion and breathing.
Coriander - Coriander stimulates and strengthens, moistens gases, urinates, encourages appetite, reduces cholesterol and destroys parasites in the intestines.
Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and diuretic.
Fried onion - the favorite onion after a process of drying and frying, with excellent taste.
Vegetables - tomatoes, gamba, onions, garlic and more.

How to use:
Fry onions and tomatoes, add the mixes and mix well. Add water, eggs and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat. The mixture is suitable for pizza, flakes and rice.

Price per 100 grams: pay 13 NIS