[GOURMET] Mixture for Tiziki Salad

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Salad tzizaki mixture Mixture for Tiziki Salad A spicy mixture for a luxurious tzizaki salad.
About Tzadziki: Tzadziki is a salad made from yogurt and cucumbers and originated in Greece.
How to prepare tzitzaki - white cheese / yogurt / white cheese, sliced ​​cucumbers, coarse salt, olive oil, dill and garlic.
The mixture was born to shorten the preparation process.

Other uses:
Shamir - seasoning herbs with strong and beloved taste, soothes the stomach and refreshes the breath.
Dehydrated garlic - Garlic is a healthy vegetable with a strong smell and a taste that is loved and addictive. Most of the medicinal properties of garlic are contained in fresh garlic and not in any dried food.

How to use:
 Cut cucumbers, mix with yogurt and add the mixture.

Price per 100 grams: pay 13 NIS Recipes for recipes:
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