[GOURMET] Mixture of Paprika For Meat

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A mixture for seasoning chicken and meatballs.

  • black pepper - black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper tree. As they ripen, they become black and wrinkled. After drying in the sun they become a common table spice all over the world. Beyond cooking, it has the benefits of an appetite stimulant, stimulant, disinfectant and a storehouse. Effective for treating constipation. 
  • Acorn - is an edible seed of the pine tree. In the pine cone, the acorn is covered with a hard shell. The Acorn also contains zinc, iron, vitamin C and is also a good source of fiber. 
  • Cumin - Cumin is very useful as a pain reliever and stomach gas, and therefore excellent lentils saturated with gas. 
  • Blush - a spicy, oily spice that is actually the fruit of the blush. A spice with the ability to encourage digestion and digestion of meat in the digestive system, which has a sour and slightly salty taste and can be used as a substitute for salt. 
  • Oregano - a plant from the lipid family. Effective against cough and treatment of fungi, supports digestion and breathing.

Directions for use:
Place the chicken in oil, watch the mixture and roast in a oven in a non-heat oven. You can also use baked potatoes and yams in an oven with olive oil and rosemary. The mixture is especially recommended for children because of its delicate taste.

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