[SPICE] Nutmeg

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Scientific name: Myristica Fragrans

The name "Muscat" Bltnit origin and means "fragrant".Nutmeg tree is a tall tropical tree, a producer of fruit only after 7-9 years after planting. The tree grows in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. Yellow fruit tree yielding protected network in which red walnut (umbrella). Nutmeg goes through a drying process of eight weeks in its completion. Nutmeg oil producers also used in the perfume industry.

Culinary Uses:

Culinary Uses: Nutmeg blends great cauliflower, mushrooms, pumpkin, potatoes and more. Recommended nutmeg flavor with various sauces, cream based pasta, mashed potatoes and soups. Nutmeg is also recommended various cakes (pumpkin, carrots, bananas) and many cookies. Muscat is an important component of various compounds such as Bharat, Grmslh and more.

Other uses:

The use of nutmeg is known which removes gases, muscle heals and relaxes the body.

How to use:

There scrape the whole nut and add the minced Muscat dishes, soups and so on

Contraindications and Warnings:

Nutmeg, when taken in excessive amounts, can cause hallucinations, nausea, dehydration and pain.

Too much spice is very dangerous and can cause narcotic effects and toxicity.

Do not use the spice itself but only in a stew or a mixture of spices.

Price per 100 g:pay 15 NIS / NIS 15.5 minced