[GOURMET] Dried Papaya

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A green palm-like tree with fast growth and multiple varieties. Originates in Mexico - also use seeds (replaces black pepper). The Papaya fruit contains the similar papain enzyme in its activity to the pepsin enzyme (an enzyme that improves protein digestion).

Papain is an important ingredient in ointments for the treatment of skin sores and skin components and is known for its ability to break down dead tissues without causing damage to living cells. In addition to it increases digestion (especially of meat) and heals wounds, it can be integrated into the routine of home and industry in the following areas:
1. Natural meat softener - add dry fruit to the meat during cooking.
2. Creams - for cleaning the face
3. For textiles - to remove stains from fine fabrics such as silk
4. In solutions - for cleaning soft contact lenses
5.To emphasize thetaste of foods (instead of monosodium glitamate)
6. In the cheese industry - to separate solid components from liquids in milk
7. In the clothing industry -
8.To prevent theformation of scars (especially after injuries), for the analysis of the cornea of ​​the eye.

Other substances found in the fruit, such as the enzyme Chimipapine, cartons, and others help:
• Reducing acidity in the stomach
• Reducing blood sugar
• Reducing acidity in the urine
• Increasing blood clots
• Light laxativeRegular consumption
of papaya will help digestive problems and intestinal worms.
It is recommended to use papaya dried naturally without the addition of food color and preservative!

Indications and warnings: Who should not use papaya - pregnant and breastfeeding women, those suffering from blood clotting problems, and those who are sensitive to papaya and have an allergy to it. 

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