[GOURMET] Plum with Pits

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The plum is a type of deciduous tree of the rose family.

Culinary Uses:

Plum is recommended in poultry and beef dishes. Desserts and compote mainly.
The plum without a kernel has the advantage of being added to fly in the oven because you do not break the teeth while eating it, but the kernel has the advantage of being added to the oven. The kernel adds more flavors during cooking, for your decision.

Dried plums are among the twenty foods with the highest antioxidant content.
• A mineral rich plum called Boron, which is important for the prevention of osteoporosis.
• plum rich in potassium and fiber.
• Eating plums can help prevent oxidative damage to the brain, lipid, and cell membranes, thus protecting against brain dysfunction, including memory problems, cardiovascular disease.
• Plum helps in constipation due to high content of sorbitol (alcoholic sugar with laxative effect).
• Plum contains a large amount of iron even in relation to meat products.

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