[HERB MIXTURE] "Luck Bhor" - against evil eye and for Good Luck

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A mixture of incense and spices against the evil eye and good luck!

Additional uses:

Compound - sulfate, potassium, aluminum
brown seeds of a plant called white Cheever looks similar to the pygmy, a common plant willow and desert areas. Because of its strong smell, Israeli Arabs believe in its ability to remove demons and spirits. In tradition, the seeds were used as a drug of love, for the treatment of nerve diseases, for relaxation and for pain relief, especially back pain and joint pain. Smoke inhalation was used to treat headaches and irritability.
White / white - a green tree up to a height of up to 5 meters. It produces pale yellow resin used for external treatment of wounds, skin diseases, stings, disinfection, eye diseases, treatment of melancholy, heart problems, sugar reduction and memory improvement. It is, according to tradition, one of the plants given to Jesus as a gift when he was born.
Mor - a small thorny tropical tree that produces a yellowish fragrant resin that is excellent for disinfecting and treating external and internal diseases such as stomach ulcers, festering wounds, toothaches, eye diseases and bruising. It should be noted that according to tradition, Jesus was given a giant to hang on his neck as part of a gift for his birth and to protect him.
Cinnamon - disinfects, strengthens the nervous system, fragrant, purifies and purifies.
Crumbled roses - a fragrant flower on which the crumbles are indicated for relaxation.
Clove - Whispering, fragrant, purifying, purifying and disinfecting.
Hal - disinfects and strengthens the nervous system.
Directions for use:
On an old frying pan, an aggregate of all the stones should be burned, and the pan should be moved in every corner of the house for disinfection purposes. Then throw the stones in the trash. The mixture is toxic to food and should be kept out of the reach of children.


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