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Roasted coconut Roasted Coconut The coconut is a palm tree and can reach 30-40 meters. The tree has nuts that are the fruit of the coconut. The tree grows in tropical areas along the coasts and often needs a large amount of precipitation and plenty of sun.
The coconut is actually a core made of a hard, fibrous external shell, beneath which a hard shell from which the dried fruit is prepared. On the inside of the walnut there is water and milk.
All parts of the coconut palm can be used. A coconut tree is a highly productive tree that yields about 75 coconuts a year.

Culinary Uses: The
use of the tree and the coconut fruit:
1. The white part of the coconut nut - for eating in a dry or fried form
2. Coconut water in the middle of the nut is highly nutritious and contains sugar, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
3. Coconut milk - produced from a coconut grinder with hot water or hot milk, as well as coconut cream created after cooling the coconut milk are a substitute for milk in cooking. Coconut milk has about 17% fat, and is heavier than regular milk.
4. Coconut oil - used in the food industry
5. Coconut palm plants - are edible and called "palm cabbage".
6. Palm hearts - the middle of the upper part of the tree is considered a delicacy, although its removal leads to the death of the tree.
7. Coconut palm leaves - You can make baskets and roofs for huts.
8. Dried coconut halves are used as musical instruments.

Additional uses:

Tips: A great addition to granola and fruit salads. Coconut is considered an anti-viral fruit that contains many dietary fibers. Here you can find coconut cubes, strips of coconut chips and ground coconut.

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