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Scientific name: Crocus sativus
English - Saffron between France Safran Spanish -Azafrán origin is Arabic, the word Asfr (أصفر) which means yellow.
Saffron sell spice for over 3,000 years and Native Southwest Asia. Today, saffron grown in France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, England, New Zealand, Iran, Azerbaijan, India, and the United States - with Iran leading the way in terms of volumes. Dried saffron is produced from the scars of the plant crocus flower garden. ach flower has only three scars, so that to produce one kilogram of saffron are required between 100 thousand to 170 thousand flowers. Compilation was done in the early morning, by hand, very gently. The fact that gathering kilogram of saffron requires 80 hours of work explains the high price. Due to its high price, it is no wonder that in a variety of fakes, ranging from corn dried hair, cut and painted - to the strings produced Carthamus flower color, safflower known and referred to as "saffron liars."
NIS 27 per 1 g
Culinary uses:

The kitchen is customary to use it primarily as a supplement for dishes and soups, such as, for example, preparing an Italian risotto. It is also a key component of Bleecker Straga. Spice saffron is also used for making dishes such as Persian and Persian sherbet Faludi based on spice, saffron is also common use in many Indian dishes and Moroccans. French Add the saffron into fish soup. Mainly Indian rice dish. Moroccans add the wires to almost any dish. Italians love to make saffron rice or pasta with saffron. It can spice butter, cheese and saffron even in liqueurs.

Other uses:
The use of saffron has been known since ancient times, both for application and herbs and healer and is known as one of the signs of incense. In the Middle Ages treated as a drug officer Saffron love, cure for the fall and for sore eyes. Saffron is known as an analgesic, sexually provocative, antidepressant, appetizing, promotes circulation, stimulates, helps abdominal pain and flatulence, helps insomnia, helps digestive problems, helps menstrual cramps and

How to use:

dishes recommended to add 2-3 saffron, some recipes recommended to brew the saffron and add just the water.
Contraindications and Warnings:

high dose can cause miscarriage!

Per 100 grams:
Price per unit:27 NIS

Recommendations recipes:
- rice with meat and saffron