[GOURMET] Sea salt chili flakes

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Sea salt chili flakes Chili Sea Salt
A little about love for salt: It's an acquired habit and you can get rid of it.
The source of salinity we feel in foods depends not only on the amount of salt in the food, but also on the sensitivity of the receptors that are responsible for the salinity sensation in the mouth and vary from person to person.
In the beginning, when the salt is reduced, the taste of the food may be bland, but after about two weeks, the taste receptors become more sensitive and begin to feel the natural taste of the foods.
The salt flakes are created as delicate, hollow crystals in the shape of a pyramid.
Chili salt flakes have a subtle acuity - a combination of salt flakes and chili berries.

How to use:
It is recommended to add towards the end of cooking to preserve the rough texture of the salt. Suitable for meat, fish, roasted eggplant and more.

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