[HERB] Asian/Siberian Ginseng

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Scientific name: Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

A perennial plant that grows mainly in cold areas, is mainly common in Asia and has 11 different varieties. It is used in the dried root of the plant, which is considered a sacred plant.

Culinary Uses:
A plant used as a remedy for its medicinal properties.

Other uses:

  • plant is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A and zinc.
  • Improves immune function, increases energy in the body, reduces stress, relieves tiredness and physical exhaustion, cures lung diseases, prevents heart disease, and removes tumors. 
  • A plant that aids in exhaustion and aid in recovery from various diseases, improves memory and increases concentration.

How to use:
Boil a glass of water along with a tablespoon of root for about 15 minutes, filter and drink.

Indications and warnings:
• Overdose may be dangerous
• Pregnant, breastfeeding, children and youth should not use it for chronic patients
• Do not consume with alcohol or caffeine.

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