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Turkish cranberries without sugar - Barbaris Small Cranberries A species of tiny fruit that originated in Iran and Turkey and was sold in Israel under the name of Zharshek. Cranberries are used for a number of activities in the kitchen - as an addition to rice, meat, green salads, fruit salads, etc. The main benefit of cranberries (without the addition of sugar, no preservative) is the treatment and prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections. They act as a disincentive to bacterial adhesion to urinary system cells, thus preventing infection and bacterial culture in the system. The appropriate dose is a teaspoon and a half cranberries a day for eating or infusion.

 Culinary Uses: Cranberries
can prevent the formation of stones and sand in the urinary tract as they change and wash the system.
Cranberries have high vitamin C content and it is recommended to combine them with echinacea, moss and thyme to strengthen the immune system.
Cranberries are also good for the heart, raise good cholesterol by 10% and may help stomach ulcers and cancer.
Cranberries for tooth health - prevent bacterial adhesion and plaque formation.
In summary - a small fruit with great features !!!!!

Other uses:

• Take fruit and be healthy

Price per 100 grams: pay 15 NIS

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