[WORKSHOP] Spoon Bending

The Conscious Consultant Presents:

Manifesting Magic: Bending Spoons and the Reality of Your Life!

Spoon Bending Workshop


Location: Healing Farm 

Date & Time: Saturday, August 5th, 2017 | 11 - 2 pm  |  3 hours

Are you looking to get unstuck in your life, to move forward, or just plain wanting to feel more empowered?

Do you feel in your bones that there is something more to this physical reality we all live in, yet are still looking to experience what that something more is like?

Are you looking to learn how you can create the physical reality you desire?

This is The Science of Possibility

This workshop will provide you with the physical experience and proof that our external reality is not as solid as it seems.

You can change your life just as surely as you will bend a spoon! You can learn what is really holding you back from achieving more, from getting to the next level, from having what you really want!

Your facilitator is Sam Liebowitz, a serial entrepreneur of over 23 years turned healer, spiritual counselor, Radio show host and inner guide. Sam has been facilitating this and other transformational workshops for over 6 years, works with hundreds of people worldwide, and created the Conscious Business Collective to bring more consciousness to our daily lives and the planet.

You will learn:
* How to change the “solid” world around you and create your own reality
* Why miracles are possible, and how you can manifest miracles in your life
* How to use your focus and intention to bend spoons, forks and more
* You will experience making the impossible... possible!

Thanks for an amazing experience, Sam. And it was wonderful to be in the presence of everyone else as well! I have been looking at life in a whole new light since Saturday! So much to ponder...” Denise, NYC

Join us for this mind-bending event and incredible life-altering experience! 

Be prepared to be Transformed!  (Silverware will be provided)

Location: Healing Farm 

Date & Time: Saturday, August 5th, 2017 | 11 - 2 pm  |  3 hours


This event is being provided as a part of the COSMIC COMMUNITYFEST.  To learn more or get involved, please CLICK HERE