[GOURMET] Sugar Free Banana

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Banana without sugar Banana Sugar Free The wood source in the India-Malaysia region. There are also many varieties of wine. The more ripe the banana becomes, the more starchy it becomes and the sugary it becomes.
The banana content is rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins, potassium and fiber. Eating a banana a day provides the body's daily requirement for potassium, which is very necessary for our body to balance blood pressure, normal kidney function and coping with persistent stress. The banana contains eight amino acids that our body can not produce by itself.
Tips- To treat the durban in the feet, peel the banana with the soft part towards the foot and insert into the shoe, lock and go.
For a stubborn wart, a bandage of banana peel for the night.
Other uses:
• Take fruit and be healthy

Price per 100 gram: pay 6.5 NIS

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