[GOURMET] Sweet Moroccan paprika

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Moroccan Sweet Paprika: A whole sweet paprika, which is finely chopped with oil.

Culinary Uses:The sweet Moroccan paprika is recommended for deep red color and a special taste for dishes, soups and more.

• Paprika

 The red color of red peppers originates in a group of pigments called carotenoids, which have recently been used as natural food coloring, especially in the cosmetics industry and in the meat and sausage industries. They are known as antioxidants. The value of the peppers' fruit increases as the ripening process progresses: A high intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as a significant amount of B vitamins. A ripe red pepper contains twice the amount of vitamin A from green peppers and 70% more vitamin C and a much larger amount of vitamin B. 2 teaspoons of paprika a day gives the desired vitamin C level to a family.
How to use: season and add to taste.

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