[TINCTURE] Tansy feverfew

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feverfew Tansy Scientific name: Tanacetum Vulgare A fragrant and common perennial plant on the side of the roads in Israel, originated in Europe but is already widespread throughout the world.
Culinary Uses: Chrysanthemum
is used mainly as a result of its medicinal properties.

Other uses:
A plant that helps menstrual pain, inflammation of the joints, swelling and stimulation.
Headaches and migraines - pain caused by contraction and then relaxation of the arteries at the base of the skull, these pain a number of reasons. The son Chrysanthemum is a plant that helps headaches and migraines thanks to the active substances in it.
Directions: Use
a teaspoon of hot water for 10 minutes, filter and drink. It is recommended to drink before the onset of pain itself.

Cautions and warnings:
• May cause diarrhea and vomiting
• Pregnant women are
not allowed • Breastfeeding is prohibited

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