[HERB] Tarragon

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Scientific name: Artemisia Dracunculus

A perennial plant with a split stalk and long narrow leaves, there are two common varieties - French and Russian.

Culinary Uses: Tarragon
is one of the herbs of the famous spices mixture of Rabbi de Provence. Tarragon is common in the Commonwealth of Nations and in French cuisine it is often used for seasoning of poultry, fish and egg dishes. In Georgia, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine, markets a sparkling drink with a bright green tarragon flavor.

Other uses:

Tarragon contains a flavor material reminiscent of anise, called an astragol.
The tarragon is rich in potassium, serves as a natural substitute for salt, helps digestion, relieves abdominal pain, chewing tarragon stems makes the mouth calmer but only to adults.
From the time of the Roman Empire the grass was used to relieve nausea and maintain vigilance on long journeys.

Directions for use: Add to meat and fish dishes

Indications and warnings:
Not recommended at high doses.

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