[GOURMET] Thai curry

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A special blend for Thai cuisine


  • Turmeric - Turmeric is considered one of the most healthy spices and today it is recommended to consume 2 g turmeric a day to prevent diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, liver problems, infections and more. 
  • Ground black pepper - black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper tree. As they ripen, they become black and wrinkled. After drying in the sun they become a common table spice all over the world. Beyond cooking, it has the benefits of an appetite stimulant, stimulant, disinfectant and a storehouse. Effective for treating constipation. 
  • Glengel - a relative of the ginger, is a flagship of the Thai cuisine and is usually imported to Israel only in its dry form. Gelengel is a warming plant that helps the digestive system function. In Thailand it is customary to use ground ginger and lime juice to treat abdominal pain, in addition to the root helps to relieve breathing difficulties. 
  • Lemon Grass - Halmon Grass is the fleshy part of the lemon grass plant. It originates in India / Sri Lanka, and is now widespread throughout the world. The active ingredient in lemons, the Cytral, is effective in preventing and treating cancer. 
  • Coconut minced - Coconut is considered an anti-viral fruit, an excellent sweet addition. 

Directions for use:
It is recommended that the mixture be added to stir-fry, fish and seafood dishes.

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