[HERB MIXTURE] Mixture of Herb de Provence

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The source of the mixture is in the Provence region of southern France


Oregano - a plant from the lipid family. Effective against cough and treatment of fungi, supports digestion and breathing.
Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and diuretic.
Thyme - a thyme, a fragrant and tasty herb. Cornea is very effective for sore throat and phlegm.
Sage - a plant with strong activity against bacteria and fungi, disinfectant, good in cases of colds, stomachaches, mouth infections and gums, problems of concentration and memory in the golden age. Marva has a hormonal effect mainly in menopause.
Azov - effective for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain and gas, memory and concentration.
Tarragon - a special herb with a dominant flavor.
Lavender - Lavender flowers give a special flavor to the mixture.

Other uses:
Since the mixture contains almost all herbs, green is excellent for cleansing the body of toxins, cleaning the liver, helping to clean the urinary tract. Plants of the lipid family (moss, sage) are responsible for relief of abdominal pain.

The mixture is a good addition to chicken, fish, tomato salad, pizza sauce and cheese dressing. An interesting recommendation is to burn the meat lightly, sprinkle the mixture over the coals, and leave the meat for a few minutes on the grill.

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