[GOURMET] White sesame seeds

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White Sesame Seeds | Scientific name: Sesamum Indicum

Sesame is an annual plant grown mainly in China, India and Burma. The plant has yellow flowers, including the seeds of sesame seeds found in a pod. Sesame seeds are small and flat and hard to dry in large quantities due to their density.
There are two varieties of sesame: yellow sesame seeds from which the brown sesame and white sesame are produced, the difference is the bark, and the black sesame is another species. 

Culinary Uses:
It is recommended to add sesame to pastries, salads, steamed vegetables, and more.
Sesame is one of the ingredients of the common hyssop mixture and is an important component in a variety of salad mixes.  And from the sesame they make the famous tahini sauce.

Other uses:
White sesame is peeled and therefore a large part of its nutritional components is missing because of the peel, if it is recommended for eating in anemia, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Directions for use:
Add to taste a variety of dishes, cheeses, salads.


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