[SPICE] Yellow mustard seeds

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Yellow Mustard Seeds

Scientific name: SinapisThe mustard is an annual plant cruciferous. Mustard yellow flowers which produce the mustard seeds can be eaten.

Culinary Uses: Dijon mustard contains a ground-famous mustard seed plus the vinegar. Mustard gives a fruity flavor and slightly spicy and recommended to add to salads, cheeses, acidification of fruit and vegetables and supplement form or another form of security.

Other uses: grains of mustard yellows stimulate metabolism. Mustard known in folk medicine, "said Rabbi Yehoshua, never rude person Libby say you quit and compilation of mustard billows ...." (Tosefta, ten First Tuesday).  Our ancestors knew the medicinal properties and said "mustard usual one to thirty days, sandy driven out of his home. But not every day, because it weakens the heart" (Greetings from 'A'). Hitzoni- used mustard is recommended for skin problems or muscle stimulator result of his being. For external use by compresses or wearing the painful area.

Flu supplies high-mustard is recommended brew warms Tzmhm situations of flu, colds and fever.

Kidney and heavy-mustard seeds Iailm treatment of kidney stones problems and liver inflammation. System Digestive The mustard plant is warming and a stimulant and therefore helps the digestive system and metabolism process and is therefore recommended for the purpose of weight loss. Dcaon- mustard nerve reduces depression and melancholy.
How to use: You can add the mustard seeds salad, pickles, yogurt and cheese.
Contraindications and Warnings:

• High doses is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.
Price per 100 g:complete 5 NIS / NIS 5.5 minced

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