[GOURMET] Yellow Raisin

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Small yellow raisin Yellow Raisin Raisin is a dried, edible grape that has existed for thousands of years and is manufactured in many countries all over the world.
Raisins are sweet because of the high sugar content in the grapes. Raisins that are preserved over time become granular and this is due to sugar crystallization.
The raisins can be prepared from all types of grapes, and immediately after the harvest, the grapes are left in the vineyard under the sun, raised from the ground and covered with nets to prevent damage by reptiles and flying birds. After a few days collect the raisins and keep it in a dry place for the winter.
The type of raisin depends on the type of grape and its variety.
Most of the light raisins are soaked in preservatives and dried in heat.

Culinary Uses:
Tips : Excellent for baking, as an addition to rice or just to eat ...

Price per 100 grams: pay 5 NIS

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